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We at Matrix Switch Corporation thank you for your interest in our products.  Our Support forum is provided as an additional means to support our customers with any product questions they have.  Please also feel free to email us or give us a call (see contact information at the bottom of this webpage).

Our main company website can be found at www.matrixswitchcorp.com

When posting to this support forum, please observe the following guidelines, which will help ensure we are able to assist in you in a prompt and effective manner:

  • For posts concerning a specific product, please provide the product model number.

  • If experiencing an issue with your product, please provide an approximate date of purchase, where the product was purchased from, and relevant details of the issue.

  • If an issue is software related please provide the Firmware version, found in the upper right hand corner of the web page interface of our router products.

  • We also welcome discussions and questions on product applications and which of our products would be most appropriate for particular usage scenarios.

Thank you again for your interest in Matrix Switch Corporation.

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This forum is for help and support on Matrix Switch Corporation products. We welcome discussions on product features, use, troubleshooting, integration, and applications. Back to Support