Unable to connect to the webpage interface.

Matrix Switch Corporation products provide a number of control interfaces. The most user friendly one is the built-in webpage interface provided with all MSC products which have an Ethernet port. Please consult the instructions below for connecting to this interface.

Identifying Your Device

First step is to identify the type and series of your Matrix Switch Corporation device. MSC currently has a few different controller series. NOTE: this only applies to products with controllers with an Ethernet interface.

These following list describes the various controllers found in MSC products:

  • Pyxis Series controllers can be found in products with model numbers containing an X and in the MSC-GCP1U16 remote LCD panel.

  • The MSC-GCP2U32 LCD panel has a Lynx Series controller.

  • Remaining systems have Carina Series controllers.

Default IP Addresses

Matrix Switch Corporation products with Ethernet interfaces have different default IP addresses depending on the type of device, shown in the following list:

  • Video and audio router products:

  • Button only control panels:

  • LCD control panels:

Connecting To A Default IP Address

To connect to a device using it's default IP address, please ensure the following:

  1. Connect the device and a PC to the same Ethernet network, ensuring there are no potentially conflicting devices on the same physical network.

  2. NOTE: A device can be directly connected to a PC without a network router, but a cross-over cable is required for Carina Series systems. The newer Pyxis Series products can use either type of Ethernet cable for direct connection or when connecting to a network router.

  3. Manually configure the IP address of the Ethernet interface of the PC to be on the 192.168.2.x subnet, with a unique IP address, for example: Set the netmask to, Gateway can be left blank or the default (not used).

  4. Power up the device if it is not already running.

  5. Open up a web browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended) and type in the default IP address of the device into the Location bar and press ENTER.

  6. The webpage interface should load, if there is a device on the IP address entered. See Troubleshooting section below if the web browser fails to connect.


In the event that the webpage does not load:

  • Double check the Ethernet connections and cables.

  • Ensure the manual IP address configuration on the PC is correct and that there isn't the possibility of IP conflict with other devices on the same network.

  • If connecting using the expected default IP address is still not working, please refer to the Unknown IP Address section below.

Unknown IP Address

If the IP address is not the expected default address, then a procedure is required to either reset the device to its default network settings, retrieve the current network settings, or assign new network settings. The procedures which can be used depend on the product controller type. Pyxis Series controllers can utilize any of these procedures, but Carina Series systems do not have a network reset feature.

Viewing Or Changing Network Settings With LCD Interface

If the device has an LCD interface then the network settings can be viewed and changed utilizing the control panel interface. Please consult the product manual for step by step details of this procedure, if necessary.

Network Reset Procedure

Pyxis Series controller systems (products with X in the model number) have a pinhole reset switch, which is usually located near the Ethernet connector. A long paperclip inserted straight into the Reset switch pinhole can be used to press this switch while the system is running (wait at least 10 seconds after power up) and will immediately reset the network settings to the defaults. No other system settings will be affected. The procedure in the Connecting To A Default IP Address can then be followed to try connecting to the expected default IP address.

Obtain Network Information From Serial Interface

The RS-232 serial interface of router products can also be utilized for retrieving the network settings, using the following procedure:

  1. Connect the RS-232 interface of a PC (either built-in or a USB RS-232 adapter) with the serial interface of the router using a D9 straight through cable with a female connector on the PC side and male connector on the device side.

  2. Utilize a serial terminal program such as the free Putty (free SSH, Telnet, and serial terminal application). Configure it for serial mode, select the correct serial device (COM port) and set the baud rate to 115200 for Pyxis and Lynx Series controllers and 9600 for Carina Series controllers. 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit (8N1).

  3. Press ENTER in the serial terminal to confirm the connection, a ">" prompt character should be returned and indicates a connection has been established.

  4. The following commands can be executed to retrieve the network settings ([ENTER] means pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard): ip[ENTER] netmask[ENTER]

  5. These 2 commands will display the current IP address and netmask, which can then be used for connecting to the webpage interface. Make sure the PC computer is configured with an IP on the same subnet, described by the IP and netmask. Alternatively the network settings can be changed in the Change Network Information From Serial Interface section below.

Change Network Information From Serial Interface

Follow the procedure described in the Obtain Network Information From Serial Interface section steps #1-3. Once the serial connection is obtained, the following commands can be used to change the network settings ([ENTER] means pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard):

  1. ip[ENTER]

  2. netmask[ENTER]

Substitute a different IP address for or netmask for if different settings are desired.

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